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31 Slow Cooker Meal Prep Recipes

We can't think of many things better than walking through the door after a long day and knowing that a warm, home-cooked, meal awaits us. These easy to prepare slow cooker meal prep recipes take just a …

Italian Sub Lettuce Wrap Meal Prep

The Best Low Carb Keto Recipes of 2024

The ketogenic diet or the keto diet is an eating plan that involves you eating foods that provide a lot of healthy fats, a moderate amount of protein, and very little to no carbohydrates. This …

Keto Chocolate Snack Boxes

Keto Chocolate Snack Boxes

Thank you to Now Foods for sponsoring this Keto Chocolate Snack Boxes recipe post, and thank YOU for supporting the brands that help make Meal Prep On Fleek possible. All opinions are our own. Keto, …

Keto Carrot Cake Mug Cake

Keto Carrot Cake Mug Cake comes together in less than two minutes in the microwave and is the perfect solution when you want something a little sweet without sabotaging your meal planning! If you're following …

Nutty Keto Pancakes (1)

Nutty Keto Pancakes Meal Prep

Sugar-free pancakes that are paleo and gluten-free friendly. Serve with an almond butter drizzle and chopped nuts for a fun start to your day.

Keto Cashew Cheesecake Bites

These 3 ingredient Cashew Cheesecake Bites make an irresistibly tasting high protein, high fat snack. Lightly sweetened with cinnamon and easy to make!

Chicken Greek Salad Recipe for Meal Prep

Greek Salad

Chicken Greek Salad Recipe for Meal Prep This is my favorite meal prep for a busy week! It’s simple to make and tastes delicious. It also isn't tough and you can prep the chicken totally …

Low Carb Buffalo Chicken Mini Bell Peppers

Low-carb Buffalo chicken mini bell peppers get their taste from high protein Buffalo chicken along with cream cheese, cheddar cheese and mayonnaise—and hot sauce for a spicy kick! The Best Keto Stuffed Mini Peppers Buffalo …

Low Carb Philly Cheesesteak Meal Prep

Low Carb Philly Cheesesteak Meal Prep is a fast, simple and flavorful recipe that is made with only 7 ingredients. A gluten-free recipe that comes together in less than 15 minutes and works for lunch or dinner.

Keto Birthday Cake Mug Cake

Keto birthday cake mug cake is a dreamy, easy, single-serve treat when you want to feel festive, regardless of whether or not it's your birthday. Or anyone else's! Sometimes you want just a little bit …

Gorgeous Greek Salad 777x431

Gorgeous Greek Salad

This greek salad is beautiful and delicious. It only takes 15min to make and is incredibly simple! All you need are everyday ingredients. Use this as a base and add your favorite protein. I'd add …

Hawaiian Pizza Chicken Meal Prep

This fun low-carb pizza is a great high protein meal! Top a chicken breast with pizza sauce, cheese, and your favorite toppings. This version uses ham and pineapple for a fun Hawaiian twist.

Veggie Supreme Pizza Chicken Meal Prep

Veggie Supreme Pizza Chicken Meal Prep will load you up with veggies, but on pizza! Can't get a much healthier meal prep than that! We love this for lunch or dinner, or both. This veggie …

Mexican Zucchini Boats

Stuffed Zucchini Boats are a delicious and healthy twist on traditional Mexican cuisine. They're made by hollowing out zucchini and stuffing them with a flavorful mixture of ground beef, beans, and spices. The resulting dish …

Keto Sausage Grill Packet Meal Prep blog

Sausage Grill Packet Meal Prep

A healthy keto dinner for the grill! Wrap up your favorite low carb veggies with your favorite sausage. These come together in 10 minutes and leave no dishes to clean up!

Whole30 Pesto Chicken Meal Prep

Pesto Chicken Meal Prep

This Whole30 and Keto pesto chicken recipe combines tons of Italian flavors in easy roll-ups. Serve over cauliflower rice or with sauteed veggies for an easy meal-prep lunch or dinner.

Chicken Salad 777x431

Chicken Salad

This is a popular chicken salad recipe that is easy to make and super flavorful! There's nothing quite as versatile as a rotisserie chicken. We love using one for this healthy meal prep recipe, but …

Low Carb Pizza Meal Prep Recipe

Low carb pizza isn't a joke! It's a real thing, and we think you'll love this healthy meal prep! Pizza for lunch? We think so! This Low Carb Pizza Meal Prep is one healthy alternative …

greek egg bake recipe

Greek Egg Bake

This Greek egg bake is so easy and a great way to get a lot of veggies and protein into one meal prep recipe. So good with fresh tomatoes, too. It's not an omelet, and …

spaghetti squash meal prep 777x431

Spaghetti Squash and Turkey Meatball Meal Prep

Spaghetti squash and turkey meatball meal prep will give you all the cozy feels of the classic dish it's inspired by, spaghetti and meatballs, but with lower carbs and fat. Cutting out starchy pasta is …

Breakfast Taco Bowls

Breakfast Taco Bowls

No need to wait for lunch—or Tuesdays!—to enjoy taco flavor! These breakfast taco bowls are chock full of protein and hearty air-fried potatoes to start the day off strong. Every day is Taco Tuesday when you …

Sheet Pan Bruschetta Chicken

Nothing says classic Italian cuisine like Bruschetta Chicken! Our Bruschetta Chicken meal prep recipe is gluten-free and low carb. The classic recipe calls for breadcrumbs but we left them out. Bruschetta Chicken can be grilled …

Keto Parmesan Chicken Patties

Keto Parmesan Chicken Patties

Thank you to GoodCook® for sponsoring this Keto Parmesan Chicken Patties recipe, and thank YOU for supporting the brands that help make Meal Prep On Fleek possible. All opinions are our own. These Keto cheesy …

35 Easy Low Carb Recipe Meal Prep Ideas

35 Easy Low Carb Recipe Meal Prep Ideas

If you're being mindful of your carb intake for health or macro reasons, or are just trying to balance out heavier carb days from time to time, then these 35 Easy Low Carb Recipe Meal …

low carb recipes

Low Carb Meal Prep Recipes For Beginners

The awesome thing about a low carb diet is the number of different diets which reflect what it’s all about. The Mediterranean, Keto, Whole30, Zero-carb, Paleo and Atkins diet are all variations of the low …

Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas

You’ve heard of street tacos and you’ve seen the bulging burritos, but have you indulged yourself in low-fat, high-health shrimp fajitas on your own terms? Now you can! Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas adds to your …

Chicken Bacon Ranch Foil Packets

Bacon Ranch Chicken and Veggies Foil Packets

Fun and Easy Foil Pack Dinner Idea Winner, winner chicken dinner! This bacon ranch chicken foil pack turn into an eye-catching main dish with a special ingredient that is sure to add a smile to …

Sheet Pan Salmon and Veggies Meal Prep

Sheet Pan Salmon and Veggies Meal Prep

Who doesn't love a simple, yet savory salmon and veggies dinner? Our Sheet Pan Salmon and Veggies paleo meal prep recipe is the perfect dinner for those on the go who enjoy flavor meals without …