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Our Story: About Meal Prep on Fleek

This Instagram post is how it all started...

Nick connected, with a fellow food blogger (Sarah), over a cheesy burger (because Sarah loves cheese) on Instagram back in September 2015. They came together to create a cheesy, glorious, food Instagram account full of the food they dreamed about (but never really ate).


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After several months of trying to create and curate content, for younger people, around those crazy 1000+ calorie meals, they both came to the realization that it wasn't something they could really stand behind.

Fast forward to December of 2015, Nick and Sarah decided to pivot and change the name from IEatOnFleek to MealPrepOnFleek to encourage people to eat in a way that we more natural to Sarah, and something that Nick was getting back in to.

By the end of 2016, we had gained over 100K Instagram followers and thought it was a natural step to create a destination online to teach people how to meal prep and share inspiring recipes. If you’re looking to get started with Meal Prepping, check out our Getting Started - Meal Prep 101 Guide

Today (October 2021), we have reached over 11MM people through the website and are supporting a total community size of over 900k on social media. 

What is Meal Prep On Fleek?

Meal Prep On Fleek is a leader in the meal prep community, helping people achieve their wellness goals through healthy, simple and affordable meal prep recipes
Please share your meal prep stories, successes, recipes, and inspiration with us! We’d love to hear and share your story with the world. #MealPrepOnFleek

About the Meal Prep on Fleek Community:

With over 440K followers on Instagram, we have had the privilege to hear so many success stories from other meal preppers. The majority of the people who responded had realized major life benefits, like weight loss, confidence, improved productivity, and an increase in energy because of their meal prepping routine.

Read some of the success stories in our more recent Instagram post here:

Healthy, Simple, And Affordable Meal Prep Recipes that look and taste amazing -- Changing your life, one meal prep at a time
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About Nick:

Hey everyone... this is crazy weird for me because I would have never done this in a million years had you asked me 6 months ago. But because one of my goals for 2017 is to teach and inspire more people, here it is...

I've been working out consistently for the past 5 years, with very little progress. In 2016 I started meal prepping almost every weekend. I make 10 meals per weekend that I eat for lunch throughout the week. Each meal (most of the time) costs under $4 per meal and I spend about 3 hours making all 10 meals.

I've slowly been decreasing in body fat, but not losing weight... which is ok. To date, I've lost 6% body fat, going from 23% body fat to 16.7% body fat. I went from a snug 36" pant waist to a loose 34" pant waist.

This has been a total game changer for me. I am totally open to question, thoughts, feedback, etc. My goal was never weight loss, but portioned meals with mostly whole ingredients. In other words... No canned or bagged food.

Now... if I could only get my hair to grow. ????

Here is what you could expect to see on Nick's personal Instagram feed: