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About Nick:

Hey everyone… this is crazy weird for me because I would have never done this in a million years had you asked me 6 months ago. But because one of my goals for 2017 is to teach and inspire more people, here it is…

I’ve been working out consistently for the past 5 years, with very little progress. In 2016 I started meal prepping almost every weekend. I make 10 meals per weekend that I eat for lunch throughout the week. Each meal (most of the time) costs under $4 per meal and I spend about 3 hours making all 10 meals.

I’ve slowly been decreasing in body fat, but not losing weight… which is ok. To date, I’ve lost 6% body fat, going from 23% body fat to 16.7% body fat. I went from a snug 36″ pant waist to a loose 34″ pant waist.

This has been a total game changer for me. I am totally open to question, thoughts, feedback, etc. My goal was never weight loss, but portioned meals with mostly whole ingredients. In other words… No canned or bagged food.

Now… if I could only get my hair to grow. ????

Oct 2016 vs. Jan 2017

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About Sarah:

I have spent over one third of my life battling disordered eating and poor body image. I would view food as good or bad. All of my thinking was black and white. I would allow myself to eat based on the scale, my mood, or whatever environment I was in. Exercise consumed me. I thought this was the only way to achieve my “perfect” weight, body and life. This mindset had me trapped. I thought there was no way out

hen, a few years ago, a very special person entered my life. They gave me the best gift I could ever receive: the opportunity to heal myself, from the inside out – mind, body, and soul. I was also given the opportunity to immerse myself in all of the education and tools I needed to help others, like yourself, overcome these same battles

As hard as it is for me to put these words out for the world to see, it is important because it tells you why I coach. I do not want anyone to go through the struggles and pain that I did. Life is too short to be wasted. It is not about good or bad foods. It is not all or nothing, black or white. It is about learning to fuel your body in a healthy and balanced way so that you can enjoy life to the fullest! It’s about creating memories with those who lift you up and make you better, not about the hours in the gym or the grams of carbs you eat.

ingredients of a fit chick

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