15 Unique Salad Meal Prep Recipes

Salad meal prep takes the time and effort out of putting a salad together. Oh, you'll be so stoked to have these healthy meal preps ready for lunch or dinner!

Luckily for meal prepping, there are countless combinations of vegetables, fruits, pasta, meats, and more that can be considered a salad. It can be a bit overwhelming, and that's kind of why people often get into a rut with salad, or sometimes skip it altogether.

Why Salad Meal Preps?

Salad can be a surprisingly creative, fun, and versatile meal prep, once you've become aware of a few things. First, when comes to keeping salad fresh for a few days, it can be tricky by not impossible because leafy greens are delicate. Sometimes we like to store them separately from the rest of the salad until you're ready to eat. Adding dressing too soon makes things soggy, so we like to toss things before serving if possible. But caveats aside, salad meal preps are great for lunch or dinner. We've put together our favorite tasty 15 recipes for your salad meal prepping needs!

Chicken Quinoa Salad 

This salad is a crowd favorite that mixes delicious fruit, healthy quinoa, protein-packed chicken, and plenty of crunch and zest.

(Carbs: 32g - Protein: 64g - Fat: 7g) 

Mediterranean Roasted Eggplant Salad

Roasted eggplant is a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern favorite, especially if you can get it slightly smoked. You'll need slices of pita to soak up the dressing from this delicious salad.

(Carbs: 63g - Protein: 11g - Fat: 20g) 

Kale Steak Power Salad

This salad is perfect for lunch or dinner, with its mix of vegetables, roasted Brussels sprouts, and cheese—not to mention steak! Once you assemble this, you'll see why it's so good.

(Carbs: 33g - Protein: 48g - Fat: 39g) 

Greek Arugula Power Salad

This veggie-heavy salad prep is healthy, energizing, and boosts your day. Chicken and white beans make it high in protein.

(Carbs: 53g - Protein: 33g - Fat: 20g) 

Fall Harvest Power Salad

We love mixing nuts and chicken in a nice salad, and this one is out-of-this-world delicious, with flavorful butternut squash and almonds.

(Carbs: 45g - Protein: 29g - Fat: 25g) 

Chicken BLT Pasta Salad

When you are craving a Bacon-Lettuce-Tomato (BLT) in salad form, look no further than this modern take on a classic sandwich. Trust us. It's hard to resist the creamy dressing, salty bacon, and bright, juicy, bites of tomato.

(Carbs: 52g - Protein: 31g - Fat: 11g) 

Fall Harvest Sausage Salad

Get your macros with this amazingly simple sausage salad! With a balance of leafy greens, sausage, nuts, cheese, and dressing, you'll want to bring this salad meal prep into the rotation.

(Carbs: 47g - Protein: 27g - Fat: 29g) 

Italian Sausage Pasta Salad

Look at this salad. It's a complete meal in one bowl, with sausage, pasta, veggies, and cheese.

(Carbs: 39g - Protein: 37g - Fat: 31g) 

Middle Eastern Breakfast Salad

It may say "breakfast," but go ahead. Eat this for lunch and dinner, as well! Also, you'll love the dash of smoked paprika on top.

(Carbs: 32g - Protein: 10g - Fat: 12g) 

Vegetarian Cobb Salad

This Cobb salad is for vegetarians and anyone in the mood for a delicious salad! With loads of tasty flavors from vegetables, eggs, and avocado, this meal can suit the whole family.

(Carbs: 23g - Protein: 10g - Fat: 31g) 

Salmon Cobb Salad

Mix things up with this salmon Cobb salad! You've been wanting to eat more fish throughout the week. Plus, this salad brings additional protein and healthy fats.

(Carbs: 12g - Protein: 25g - Fat: 30g) 

Summer Breakfast Salad

Breakfast salads are becoming the big thing in today's culinary world, adding much-needed greens and nutrients in a tasty way.

(Carbs: 26g - Protein: 22g - Fat: 46g) 

Vegan Chopped Chickpea Greek Salad

Bright, colorful, flavorful, and healthy, this chickpea Greek salad is a perfect dish to switch things up with instead of that tired, boring, iceberg salad you've been eating.

(Carbs: 62g - Protein: 16g - Fat: 27g) 

Gluten Free Caesar Pasta Salad

Invented in Tijuana, Mexico, in the 1920s, the Caesar salad is still one of the most iconic salads around. This gluten-free version makes it a tasty salad even more people can enjoy!

(Carbs: 43g - Protein: 20g - Fat: 21g)

Maple Roasted Kabocha Squash & Quinoa Salad

Quinoa and kabocha squash make this salad extremely flavorful, along with cilantro and pomegranate. This is a must-try salad that is great for meal prepping. It's also a good side dish.

(Carbs: 49g - Protein: 5g - Fat: 8g)

Rotisserie Chicken Salad Recipe

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