13 Best Cauliflower meal prep Recipes

13 Best Cauliflower Recipes

Cauliflower is a similar specie to broccoli and is commonly known as a cruciferous vegetable. Although it is not a flower, its name originates from the Italian cavofliore which means "cabbage flower" most likely because it looks like cabbage if it were a flower. There are several colors of cauliflower around the world, including purple, yellow, orange, green, and the commonly seen white. Cauliflower has shown to be versatile and often used for replacing higher-carb options such as in rice or pizza dough. Cauliflower has a healthy amount of fiber, helps fight heart disease, rich in antioxidants, and some studies indicates that it fights signs of aging. One cup of cauliflower's macros consist of around 5 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of protein, and less than 1 gram of fat. We have put together a list of 13 of our favorite cauliflower recipes for you and your family to enjoy!

Meal Prep Recipes using Cauliflower:

Roasted Mediterranean Cauliflower Gnocchi & Veggies

Roasted Mediterranean Cauliflower Gnocchi & Veggies is an easy sheet pan meal that’s perfect for a fast Sunday meal prep or a quick weeknight meal when you want something tasty and nourishing. 

(Carbs: 28g - Protein: 4g - Fat: 7g)

Cheesy Mexican Cauliflower Fritters

These cheesy Mexican cauliflower fritters make a spicy, low-carb and gluten-free breakfast, lunch, snack or even dinner! Easy to meal prep and adjust the spice according to your taste buds.

(Carbs: 12g - Protein: 13g - Fat: 21g)

Low Carb Bacon Cauliflower Soup

This Low Carb Bacon Cauliflower Soup is deliciously easy. Warm, thick, and filled with cheesy flavor while being gluten-free and paleo-friendly!  

(Carbs: 15g - Protein: 15g - Fat: 8g)

Cauliflower Mash Breakfast Bowls

This Paleo bowl uses mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes for a Vitamin-C and fiber-rich breakfast. Topped with crisp smoky bacon, mushrooms, watercress, and a jammy egg, this bowl is the perfect vitamin-packed start to the day. 

(Carbs: 8g - Protein: 13g - Fat: 13g)

Cauliflower Steak With Quinoa & Tahini

These cauliflower steaks are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Pair them with quinoa, greens, and lemon tahini for a delicious plant-based meal!

(Carbs: 48g - Protein: 16g - Fat: 18g)

Pork Fried Cauliflower Rice

Ditch takeout and make this tangy, umami pork fried cauliflower rice instead. This version is low in carbs, gluten-free, and soy-free for a guilt-free takeout fake-out.

(Carbs: 19g - Protein: 31g - Fat: 21g) 

General Tso’s Cauliflower Bowls

This healthy-ish and plant-based twist on classic General Tso’s chicken is completely delicious and so easy to make!  

(Carbs: 56g - Protein: 6g - Fat: 12g) 

Sweet & Sour Cauliflower Bites

Asian inspired vegan and gluten free cauliflower and veggie dish served with jasmine rice.

(Carbs: 52g - Protein: 8g - Fat: 7g) 

Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower steps in for rice in this low-calorie, gluten-free, vegetable rice with tangy lime and herby cilantro. Best of all, it can be enjoyed hot or chilled for year-round enjoyment.

(Carbs: 7g - Protein: 3g - Fat: 2g) 

Cauliflower Tabouli & Salmon 

Cauliflower Tabouli and Salmon Meal Prep. You’re sure to enjoy this gluten and grain-free take on traditional tabouli, bursting with vibrant and scrumptious flavors that perfectly pair with baked salmon!

(Carbs: 10g - Protein: 36g - Fat: 35g) 

Cauliflower Fried Rice with Legumes & Chicken Shish Kabobs

Ready in 20 minutes and easy to make, this Cauliflower Fried Rice with Legumes and Chicken Shish Kabobs is a healthy, protein-packed recipe that is also full of veggies!

(Carbs: 43g - Protein: 45g - Fat: 12g)

Carrot Meatballs with Mint Cauliflower Rice

These easy 15-minute prep meatballs are loaded with Italian flavors and a hidden veggie. Pair it with lemon mint cauliflower rice for a filling, low-carb meal!

(Carbs: 8g - Protein: 28g - Fat: 15g)

Cauliflower Rice Salmon Poke Bowl

Poke bowl with wild salmon, crunchy raw veggies, and cauliflower rice. Simple, guilt-free, yet delicious!

(Carbs: 16g - Protein: 24g - Fat: 20g)

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