Our 12 Best Mexican Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

The best Mexican recipes are delicious, easy to make, shareable, and feel like a celebration. Whether it's Cinco de Mayo or not, we love them, and think you will, too!

Cinco De Mayo may be a reason for Americans to love Mexican food even more, but it comes from a real place. It's a celebration of triumph: A battle between the well-equipped and fierce French Army and the already struggling Mexican Army broke out and surprisingly resulted in a victory for the Mexican Army.

There is a misconception that Cinco De Mayo is the Mexican Independence Day. Although that is not the case, it is understandable to think that's the case, because Cinco De Mayo is a day commemorated with traditional dances, vibrant colors, home-cooked meals, mariachi music. If you have neighbors celebrating Cinco De Mayo you may hear lots of laughter and loud music or experience the smell of meat being cooked on the grill. You may want to join in the festivities or start your own. Here are our top 10 Mexican recipes—and Mexican-inspired, let's be honest here—to try out!

Mexican Street Corn Dip

Also known as elotes, this snack is a fan favorite of anyone who loves a mixture of creamy and spice. It is well-loved and super simple to make! If you'd like to bump up the spice level, add cayenne pepper!

(Carbs: 24g - Protein: 4g - Fat: 20g)

Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

Fajitas are super easy to make and somehow ridiculously delicious. If you aren't feeling chicken we also have shrimp, and salmon fajita options. Pro Tip: Always have tortillas and a spicy red and green salsa prepared as well.

(Carbs: 11g - Protein: 38g - Fat: 2g)

Skillet Shrimp with Tomato and Avocado

Side dishes are a must. Preparing the main dishes take time but the little ones and guests get hungry and impatient waiting. This Skillet Shrimp with Tomato and Avocado works as a great side dish: it is so creamy, tangy, salty, and a little sweet. You'll be surprised by how fast it'll go! It's one of the best Mexican recipes on our site.

(Carbs: 7g - Protein: 25g - Fat: 9g)

Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas

If you want to cook to impress but don't know how to start, this is one of the best Mexican recipes to work with. The presentation and taste of this dish are top tier but the preparation is a lot simpler than you'd think. And if you aren't afraid of the heat, you can always choose your own favorite salsa.

(Carbs: 38g - Protein: 38g - Fat: 26g)

Vegetarian Chorizo and Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

For those who are a bit more health-conscious but want to appreciate Mexican-inspired food, these beautiful, colorful, and tasty stuffed peppers are exactly what you need.

(Carbs: 57g - Protein: 14g - Fat: 14g)

Instant Pot Beef Barbacoa

Traditionally, Barbacoa is steam-cooked underground for countless hours and results in juicy tender meats. Today we may not have the time or environment to use such a method but with modern technology, we have Instant Pots and slow cookers that give similar results.

(Carbs: 16g - Protein: 52g - Fat: 19g)

Beef and Cheese Taquitos

Finger foods are great for celebrations plus kids love these! These crunchy, savory, and creamy beef and cheese taquitos won't take up much of your time to make too.

(Carbs: 46g - Protein: 24g - Fat: 19g)

Beef and Cheese Taquitos

White Chicken Chili

Since it is springtime, it may be one of those rainy and gloomy days. If that happens on or around Cinco de Mayo, whip up this warm and soothing chili to keep the celebration going.

(Carbs: 14g - Protein: 44g - Fat: 14g)

Bacon Jalapeno Poppers

Savory, salty, and spicy make for the ideal best Mexican recipe trifecta. I'd suggest hiding a few of these Bacon Jalapeno Poppers somewhere safe in case you didn't get to the plate fast enough to enjoy them yourself.

(Carbs: 4g - Protein: 14g - Fat: 24g)

Bacon Jalapeno Poppers

Mushroom Carnitas Burrito Bowl​​

For those seeking a completely vegan Mexican dish look no further! Mushrooms are quite special in the vegan community because of their ability to mimic the flavors of meat. If you did a blind tasting of this dish you might not even be able to tell the difference! See for yourself!

(Carbs: 45g - Protein: 20g - Fat: 46g)

Mexican Ensalada de Atun (Mexican tuna salad)

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