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11 Father's Day Grilling Recipes

Father's Day grilling recipes will give you plenty of grill-time inspiration no matter how the dad or dads in your life like to eat!

Father's Day is quickly approaching and it is a great time to bring out the grill! One of the things people typically do on Father's Day, aside from getting him another tie or more golfing gear, is head outside with the family for a memorable day by the grill. We have put together a list of 11 diverse and tasty recipes for your Father's Day celebrations! We think Dad will enjoy these, and so will the rest of the family. And if you've got any leftovers, consider that you've got meal prepping accomplished for a meal or two!

Sausage Grill Packets

A healthy keto dinner for the grill! Wrap up your favorite low-carb veggies with your favorite sausage. These come together in 10 minutes and leave no dishes to clean up!

(Carbs: 13g - Protein: 19g - Fat: 19g)

Honey Sriracha Salmon

With garlic, lemon, and pepper, this Honey Sriracha Salmon is one of our favorite ways to prep salmon. Dad who appreciate salmon and a little heat will love this.

(Carbs: 24g - Protein: 23g - Fat: 12g)

Watercress & Feta Stuffed Flank Steak

This Mediterranean-inspired stuffed steak is an elegant addition to your meal prep favorites. Flank steak is sliced thin and filled with watercress, feta cheese, and herbs before cooking. The end result is a flavor-packed dinner that has plenty of servings for easy reheating!

(Carbs: 43g - Protein: 32g - Fat: 22g)

Grill Basket Sausage and Peppers

A simple grilling accessory makes this sausage and peppers cook with ease and speed on the grill! A new Father's Day grilling favorite!

(Carbs: 11g - Protein: 14g - Fat: 4g)

MPOF-Grill-Basket-Sausage-and-Peppers2-600x800 (1)

Pulled Pork Sliders w/ Sweet Potato Buns

If Dad is skipping carbs, these tasty sliders with sweet potato “buns” are stuffed with slow cooked pulled pork and your favorite burger toppings.

(Carbs: 26g - Protein: 24g - Fat: 17g)

Lemon-Pepper Chicken Drumsticks

Fellow preppers, check out this awesome Lemon Pepper Chicken Drumstick recipe. It’s great for lunch or dinner, and easy to grill. Serve it with your favorite Father's Day grilling fixins.

(Carbs: 55g - Protein: 12g - Fat: 5g)

Brazilian Style Skirt Steak

Keto Brazilian Style Skirt Steak Meal Prep is an easy meal prep recipe for whole30, Paleo, and Keto-compliant meal plans. This recipe is done on the grill, making clean-up a breeze!

(Carbs: 16g - Protein: 27g - Fat: 38g)

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Ok, so it's not a grilling recipe, but it's GREAT with grilled food. This Paleo-friendly spinach dip is rich and filling, perfect for curbing midday hunger without any gluten.

(Carbs: 8g - Protein: 3g - Fat: 25g)

Air Fryer Crispy Zucchini Chips

When the grill is busy, you need something to snack on. These crispy and delicious zucchini chips are made using a simple process that involves thinly slicing zucchini and cooking it in an air fryer. Serve with burgers!

(Carbs: 22g - Protein: 8g - Fat: 31g)

Air Fryer Carrot Fries

Carrots make delicious fries in the air fryer, especially when you dip them into ranch dressing! Air fryer carrot fries are so good with burgers, hot dogs, and other grilling favorites for Father's Day.

(Carbs: 19g - Protein: 1g - Fat: 5g)

Grilled Salmon w/ Fruity Quinoa

This Grilled Salmon and Fruity Quinoa meal prep brings together all the best sweet and savory flavors for a Father's Day grilling recipe to remember.

(Carbs: 66g - Protein: 42g - Fat: 15g)

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