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What is Meal Prep?

Meal prepping. Have you heard of it? It’s a simple concept that has proven revolutionary in the fitness/dieting world. So simple, and yet it can become unnecessarily complex for those that are new to the idea.

Meal prep is basically exactly what it sounds like: it is taking the time to plan out your meals to achieve your weight/fitness goals by preparing those meals ahead of time in one cooking fiesta! By setting aside a few hours on a weekend day to chop, cook and store meals for the week to make it easy to just grab and go as you go about your busy week. What could be easier?!

It is so basic that it can easily be overlooked as unimportant, yet it might be the MOST crucial thing you do to achieve your goals. You have heard the old adage, “If you fail to plan, you [might as well] plan to fail.”

Sounds so common sense, yet there are some basic things to keep in mind so that it does not become an overwhelming chore that you easily give up on.

Meal prep requires a goal, some good thought towards how you might achieve this goal, some basic ingredients along with good recipes, some good containers, and a weekend afternoon set aside to do some chopping and cooking. A bit of effort will have you putting together some delicious meals that will keep you satisfied so that you are not tempted to hit the fast food drive thru on the commute home. And, let’s be honest, who hasn’t done that?

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Why Meal Prep?

There is no doubt about it, if you are prepared with some healthy food in your fridge, you are setting yourself up to be way ahead of the game when it comes to meeting your body goals. Whether it comes from an aesthetic, general health or fitness goal, if your strategy is to rely on “winging it”, you will most likely not want to take the time after a long, hard day at the office to prepare healthy fare. No! If you are like most of us, you are most likely to check out the refridgerator magnet for the number of the closest pizza delivery as soon as you walk in the door. Are we right, or are we right?! No healthy lunch prepared? You are then forced to either waste time or money (or both!) going out for lunch and likely eating less than healthy; smashing your well thought out plans.

There are plenty of great reasons to Meal Prep, but here are some of our favorites:

  • It saves time- Meal prepping takes time, yes, but have you ever thought about how much time it could save you in the long run? Think about how much time it takes you to roam around the grocery store aisles thinking about what you might want to eat for the week? Think about all the time it takes you each and every evening packing your lunch for the next day? Or what about waiting in line at the fast food drive thru (which completely goes against all your weight/health goals!). Bulk shopping, chopping and cooking in preparation for the week with a plan set forth is time saving, TBH.
  • It saves money- We all love to save money and meal prepping can help you do just that. There are some staple ingredients that are necessary and popular. Look for sales of these items and stock up! That way you will always have what you need on hand and at a terrific price. And who doesn’t like that? If you shop for individual meals each week or worse yet, find yourself unprepared and ordering take-out, you are not only sinking your goals, but your wallet as well!
  • It causes less stress- We don’t know about you, but we enjoy eating way more than we do cooking. Note: if you enjoy cooking your food as much as you enjoy eating it, all the better and easier for you! Most of us do not enjoy thinking about what we are going to eat for each meal and it can even cause some of us anxiety. A much better way is to give it some good thought upfront and spend just a couple of hours each weekend doing all of the cooking for the week and freeing our minds up for more enjoyable things.
  • It gives you better portion control- Part of the beauty of this process is being mindful of portion sizes ahead of time, making sure that you are weighing out your food and packaging it accordingly. That way, when you sit down for your meal you are only eating what you have pre-planned. You will be on fleek each and every time. No second guessing about overeating!
  • It is variety galore- Pre-prepped meals can be as creative as you are. Although your ingredients might be simple, you can totally add a ton of variance by switching up your protein, a seasonal vegetable, or a fruit. Make sure you use your favorite seasonings which can totally change the taste of any dish. Think about your favorite cultures, spices, and flavors. Nothing is off limits when it comes to seasonings. Seasonings are FREE!
  • It saves you calories- We mentioned this briefly above, but portion control (or lack thereof) is KEY to weight loss, weight gain, and even general health! When you meal prep you are controlling the ingredients and therefore the calories of those foods that are going into your meals. Making the decisions for yourself about what is and is not included in your meal preps will keep your waistline in check, your energy levels and mental clarity up and your taste buds satisfied!

Meal Prep Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Most people don’t want to keep eating the same foods over and over again. Some people do want to eat the same few things over and over again because they like to make things as simple as possible. If that works for you, GREAT! But if that is not you and you want more diversity in your daily fare, good news! Meal prepping is the opposite of boring if you make good use of the wide array of options that are available to you.

Don’t be intimidated by food! Find a great protein, vegetables and fruits, a healthy fat, a wonderful spice and you are good to go! Then switch it up the next time. Don’t forget to make good use of the simple and delicious recipes in this guide. We are going to do everything we can think of to get you started on your meal prepping journey. Plan on making it your lifestyle and you will never eat boring again!

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