TikTok's Top Meal Prep Videos

Meal Prep TikToks That Will Stop Your Scroll

Fact: TikTok will change the way your social media works—even if you’re actively avoiding it.

That's because TikTok, the app that lets you make and share short videos, is eveverywhere now. Even if you're NOT using it on purpose, chances are someone's showing you a TikTok. Or maybe they're getting reposted in your Instagram feed. Or maybe something else is happening. Seriously, this app feels unavoidable. So, you might as well figure out the best ways to use it.

Why, you ask? That's because if you're deep into this meal prep thang, TikTok is your friend. It's constantly showing us great kitchen hacks. Creators on TikTok love sharing their kitchen shenanigans and insights. It makes meal prep a lot more fun, too, which proves that TikTok is actually more than just people dancing around. Or acting like goofballs. Not there's anything wrong with that.

First! Let's get a little bit of insight into how all this works.

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A Quick Primer on TikTok

Video creators have tons of tools at their disposal to make them come together quickly and easily. And you don't need to be a tech wizard to use them. Also, filters are always popular. Personalize your video by adding music or other audio. Users are also strongly encouraged to engage with other users because that makes the algorithm happy. (This is true of other social media platforms, too). On TikTok, however, that engagement looks like “response” videos or by means of “duets." These are when users duplicate videos and add themselves alongside. Oh, the magic of editing!

How Do Hashtags Work on TikTok?

Hashtags play a surprisingly large role on TikTok. They first became popular when Twitter launched. BUt that platform hoped its users might use them to follow and engage in conversations, or search trending topics. However, it didn't take long for hashtags to morph into personal expressions and catchphrases. On TikTok, they go beyond providing the ability to search for content. TikTok uses hashtags in a more nuanced way. Here, hashtags distinguish things such as different kinds of “challenges,” jokes, or repeating formats. Or, let's face it, any other kind of activity yet to be invented that'll need a clever hashtag.

And so, because sharing is caring, here are our favorite top meal prep videos.

Famous TikTok Meal Prep Videos

There is nothing complicated about frying an egg, but when it's on, it's on!! Right? Check this out: When your eggs are straight fire:


Anyone else love a good breakfast casserole? This is a high protein, super tasty meal that I love to make for a busy week ahead! *Pro tip, enjoy with your favorite hot sauce on the side. Recipe below: 1 lb italian sausage 8 oz mushrooms 12 eggs 2 cups arugula (or spinach) 1 red bell pepper 1⁄2 yellow onion 1 tablespoon salt & pepper 2 tablespoon olive oil Macros: Calories: 480 Protein: 31g Fat: 36g Carb: 10g #mealprepmondays #mealprepideas #easymeals

♬ Forever - Labrinth

For when you're on that Keto life, you want this Keto BLT wrap:


B🥓L🥬T🍅 + Mortadella & Mozzarella w/ pepperoncini, arugula, Xtra Mayo & pesto olive oil side✨… With @julesfood The Big Crispy Lettuce Wrap version of that Bacon-Mort-Mater-Mayo🥖Sand I made a few weeks ago. And, inspired by one of my favorite 🥪shops, ‘17th St. Deli’. It’s the 1st one I’ve made and need to watch their stuff & wrap skills next time I’m there, but this one held up great… Cool crispy crunch AWESOME w/ a little pesto drizzle on every bite 🙌🏻! . . . letlettucewraptbltsandwichicrispybaconrmortadellaefreshmozzarellagbigsandwichwlowcarbsandwichmsammichrmortadellabolognacbaconlovendwichlovers🥪

♬ original sound - Nick - Meal Prep Mondays

Who doesn't need more Sheet Pan inspo?! How about Sheet Pan Fajitas? Yes please!

@mealpreponfleek Sheet pan fajitas #mealprep #mealpreponfleek #mealprepweightloss #mealprepping #mealpreprecipes ♬ Ultimate life hacks - Kelly - The Life Bath

Because if you're on TikTok, it's kind of a rule that you have to dance, too! Steamed Veggies for Lunch:

Making dinner can be a snap with these Sheet Pan Veggies with Steak:

Pizza Chicken Meal Prep. So good. Get the full recipe HERE!

Vegan Meal Prep on TikTok. All the vegan meal prep recipes are right HERE!

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