Books for Nutrition and Diet Plans

6 Must-Read Books for Nutrition and Diet Plans

6 Must-Read Books for Nutrition and Diet Plans

The road to healthier eating is easier when you’re not embarking on it on your own. By listening to others, you can enjoy support and advice – the journey to a healthier you will be easier and more effective when you surround yourself with other people. People who might be on the journey themselves or who might have already made the transition and have valuable insights to give you. The good news is that there are plenty of resources out there to find out more about the best books for nutrition and diet plans.

However, sometimes the wealth of information can seem daunting. The world of food is full of books that tell you to do this and that, often contradicting things you’ve just read elsewhere. How can you know what to believe? The truth is that food isn’t that complicated and eating healthy isn’t rocket science. After all, it all boils down to feeling good. If you think about it, those fast food meals only give you that feel-good state for a minute. An hour goes by and you’ll feel crap. On the other hand, when you’ve eaten a homemade meal with a bit of protein, some fats, and some healthy carbs, you feel great even after a few hours.Good nutrition is good food – organic, non-processed and simple.

But you might still find yourself at loss. Perhaps you’ve spent your years eating the wrong stuff and your body just isn’t what you want it to be. Maybe you struggle knowing what are the good proteins and the good fats. It’s OK to feel confused and a little nervous when it comes to your diet. It’s a crucial first step to be curious about food and to want the best for your body and mind.Run Fast Eat Slow book

Luckily, there are plenty of books that don’t have special tricks and complicated diet plans to follow. Books, those explain nutrition in a way that makes sense and takes the guilt off of eating. Books that give real-life tips and not those hard-to-achieve meal plans that no one can follow for more than a week. So, if you want to improve your nutrition and lose some weight in the process, here are books that are worth picking up.

These are the six must-read books for best nutrition and diet plans.

Run Fast, Eat Slow by Elyse Kopecky and Shalane Flanagan

Run Fast, Eat Slow is a cookbook you definitely want to add to your bookshelf. It’s written by professional chef Elyse Kopecky and Olympic marathon runner Shalane Flanagan and as the name suggests, it’s aimed at runners. However, you don’t need to be a runner to enjoy the recipes – anyone who wants to live and eat healthier will benefit from this book.

The book has over 100 recipes from super smoothies to vitamin-boosting muffins. The recipes are not too complicated and you can even find recipes that are specifically designed to be made beforehand. For example, the recipe for breakfast burritos can be cooked the night before. Little things like this make the book great.

You can also learn tips such as counting calories. There’s also plenty of information on the right amount of fats and protein you should be eating. Overall, it’s educational and it’s full of tasty recipes.

The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz

One of the big confusions over the years has been around fats. There is a long-held belief that fats – almost all of them – are somehow bad for you and the reason there’s obesity. By giving up fats, you can become healthier. But the evidence has never really been there and Nina Teicholz’s book is a great examination of the fat myth. She spent nine years investigating the topic and she made the discovery that not less but more dietary fat is the key to your health. If you want to be healthy and fit, you need to stop avoiding fat. The Big Fat Surprise book

The book shows why eating meat, eggs, cheese, and butter won’t be such a bad idea after all. Now, while you won’t find recipes from this book like in some of the others, you can still use the book to guide you away from unhealthy eating habits. Those guilty pleasures, like a tiny portion of cheese, are not going to kill you. The book might also change your thinking about the so-called good and bad foods and help you relax and eat better. If you think fat is the devil, then you might find this book eye-opening and insightful.

Make Your Own Rules Diet by Tara Stiles

If you are looking for overall fitness and wellbeing advice, then Tara Stiles’ Make Your Own Rules is worth reading. The book promotes yoga as a form of exercise and plant-based foods as the route to wellbeing. It’s a nice book with tips and tricks that will help you feel more energized and enhance your mental health as well.

The book comes with 50 recipes. Each recipe is rather easy to make – you just need to spend a few minutes in the kitchen. They are high-fiber recipes with a ton of leafy greens to help you get the most nutritional value out of your food. If you’d like to cut your meat consumption or you’re already eating a vegan or vegetarian diet, this book will help you eat better.

The Step Diet Book by Bonnie T. Jortberg, James Hill, and John C. Peters

To most people, losing weight is all about counting calories. The road to a slimmer you is considered to be easiest when you weight and count your food. But The Step Diet Book puts a different spin on this idea. Essentially, the book argues that you can lose weight if you just start counting steps instead.

The book gives you a guide for walking more with the help of a pedometer. You’ll measure your steps and each day, the challenge is to keep adding more steps. The hope is to stop the weight from increasing and then eventually get you to lose any extra pounds.

This kind of approach can actually work and it’s a good reminder that wellness is not just about the food. In fact, as you start walking more, you’ll notice yourself craving for foods that give you energy – so you are automatically also drawn to healthier recipes. In this sense, the book is definitely worth reading.

Eat Complete by Drew Ramsey, M.D.

Food isn’t just about what you put on your plate and then chew away. Food is also about your mind. How does it feel to eat? What emotions does the smell create? Questions like this will be answered in the Eat Complete book. It’s a guide to brain health and how your brain can determine whether you are losing weight or gaining it.

The book presents you with 21 nutrients that help your brain feel better. You’ll receive recipes that use these ingredients. The recipes are not too complicated and the ingredients are nothing too fancy – you can introduce these foods into your diet easily and you’re guaranteed to notice the difference in how you feel.

In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan

Perhaps we are all guilty of overthinking our food these days. As mentioned earlier, we’re constantly bombarded with food advice and restrictions. Michael Pollan’s book is a good step back from this. It essentially argues that people have substituted the value of having food with nutritional information. In a way, this has led to us being more confused about what to eat rather than using common sense to figure out what’s good for you and what’s not.

In Defense of FoodThe book studies the roadmap food science has taken. It examines nutritional science in a fascinating manner, exploring how harmful some of our addictions to the science can be. But the book also gives good tips on how to eat. Perhaps more in terms of how to get back to basics rather than just saying eat this or that. It looks at how you should be eating less while spending more time and money on making your food – creating time for eating and not just using food as a mandatory nutrition. It’s actually a great reminder of how food is not just about filling your stomach but gathering with family and friends, exchanging ideas and taking a moment to relax and breath.

You can pick any of the six books that sound the most appealing. It’s always better to adopt diet plans that seem the easiest and the most appealing to you – it can help ensure you stick to the plan. But it might also be a good idea to read a few of these books – picking tips from here and there to help you on your journey. You don’t have to spend more on your new books if you look for offers on VoucherBin. There are voucher codes even for audiobooks from Audible – a great option is to listen to your nutrition book while going for a jog!

So, use the above books for support and advice. It’ll make your journey to better health and fitness easier.



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