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The Carnivore Diet

The Carnivore Diet is a diet that consists of only meat and animal products. Made popular by the now infamous Liver King Brian Johnson, the Carnivore Diet is purely an animal-sourced food (ASF) based diet. The diet has some benefits, especially as it pertains to cutting excess carb weight. Typically consisting of beef, lamb, chicken, fish, pork, eggs, bone broth, high-fat dairy products, and animal fats, the plan is relatively simplistic and straightforward with an emphasis on higher fat intake.

The strict diet allows for no carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes, roots, or anything processed. However, there are some that choose the Carnivore Diet as a way of living, not just as a 90-day diet, and some advocates say occasional intake of these things is okay.

Why do the Carnivore Diet?

The goal of the Carnivore Diet is to regulate blood sugar levels by throwing out carbohydrates altogether, prompting fat weight loss from the lack of carbs, and an elevated mood from burning fat instead of carbohydrates.

Carnivore vs. Paleo Diet

The Carnivore Diet is sometimes confused with the Paleo Diet and Keto Diet. All three of these diets emphasize consuming meat while limiting or altogether eliminating carbohydrates. However, the Keto Diet emphasizes high fat and low carbohydrates, and the Paleo Diet encourages eating anything a caveman could have hunted or gathered while eliminating processed carbs.

A person on the Carnivore Diet may reach a state of ketosis, that is burning fat instead of carbs for energy, but with more protein intake it is possible to not be in ketosis although all carbohydrates are eliminated.

Carnivore Breakfast:

Carnivore Breakfast Sandwich
Protein 33 grams – Carbohydrates 1 gram – Fat 36 grams

No need for buns when your beef or sausage patties hold it all together! This deliciously tantalizing breakfast sandwich holds a hunk of cheddar cheese and a delicately cooked egg. With such few, solid, ingredients, this is a simple dish to meal prep for the week. If you are on the Keto Diet or you just crave a meat-heavy breakfast after a night out, this will also work for you. It’s easy to get even more creative with this filling breakfast sandwich.  

Carnivore Lunch:

Bacon Wrapped Turkey Tenderloin
Protein 40 grams – Carbohydrates 2 grams – Fat 29 grams

This is a fantastic recipe utilizing an air fryer! Crispy, salty, savory bacon exterior that hugs a juicy cut of turkey tenderloin, while the rich flavors of spices grace every bite. It only takes about 30 minutes to make these, and they keep well in the refrigerator for days. If cheese dip is allowed, it might be nice to dunk these bad boys in some spicy Carnivore Diet queso.

Carnivore Snack:

Bone Broth
Protein 10 grams – Carbohydrates 0 grams – Fat 0 grams

Easy to make, especially with a pressure cooker, this broth adds a quick, warm, pick-me-up to your day along with some additional protein. An added benefit of this protein being in liquid form is that the body digests it faster than solid foods. One large batch of homemade bone broth can last several days when refrigerated.

Crunchy Beef Bars
Protein 21 grams – Carbohydrates 0 grams – Fat 45 grams

Crispy, savory, beef bars that make you feel like you are getting away with a guilty pleasure treat. The beef becomes as crunchy as roasted nuts in a candy bar, while the ghee holds it together leaving a delicate, soft, sweet taste, which pairs well with the grains of salt for every balanced sweet-and-savory bite.

Carnivore Dinner:

Braised Beef Shank
Protein 28 grams – Carbohydrates 1 gram – Fat 8 grams

Delicate, fall-off-the-bone, tender, juicy beef shank. It is a lot like standard steak, but includes marrow which enhances the flavor and thickens the bone broth it is cooked in. The beef shank can be cooked on the stovetop, in the oven, slow cooker, crockpot, grill, etc. This is definitely a dish that will become the dinner centerpiece. This recipe calls for some added spices and ingredients that may not fit everyone’s Carnivore Diet restrictions

Carnivore Dessert:

Carnivore Cheesecake
Protein 8 grams – Carbohydrates 4 grams – Fat 40 grams

Not everyone on the Carnivore Diet will want to stick with a zero-dessert policy and may wish to indulge in something sweeter every now and then. Carnivore cheesecake utilizes almond flour which is naturally lower in carbohydrates than traditional flour. It also calls for erythritol sweetener and vanilla extract. This is certainly an amazing sweet treat to add to your adventurous diet while wanting to reduce carbohydrate consumption.

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