5 Agility Exercises That Make Working Out More Fun

5 Agility Exercises That Make Working Out More Fun

5 Agility Exercises That Make Working Out More Fun

When it comes to cardiovascular exercise, not many people rank it on top of their to-do list.  With that being said, you can actually make cardio fun by including agility exercises.  What’s even better, is the fact that you don’t need fancy equipment in order to complete them.  All you need is yourself, some easy to find household items and enough space around you that you can complete the agility exercises safely.

*Note:  Make sure you warm up for 5-10 minutes before moving into these agility exercises.

Agility Exercises

  1. Plyometric Jumps

Grab yourself four empty gallon milk jugs.  Place them in a straight line about two feet apart from one another.  Stand in front of the first jug with the remainder in a direct line in front of you.  Through an explosive jump straight up and over the first jug, land in between the first and second jugs.  Upon landing, immediately explode back up into the air and over the second jug.  Continue until you land over the fourth jug.  Then, turn around and go back over the jugs again.

  1. Sprint Intervals

Place one milk jug on the ground.  Place another milk jug about ten yards in front of the first jug.  Next, stand in front of the first milk jug and sprint to the second.  Once you reach the second, immediately reverse and sprint backwards to the first jug.

  1. Skier Hops

Take a string or piece of rope (at least one foot in length) and lay it straight down in a line on the ground.  Stand on one side of the string/rope so that the direction you are facing is the same direction the string/rope is facing tip to tip.  Next, stand on one foot and hop back and forth over the string/rope a total of ten times.  Then, immediately change over to the other foot and repeat the process.

  1. High Knees

You might remember these from gym class.  To execute this agility exercise, you are going to jog in place while bringing your knees up past your waist during each interval.  Think of the movement as if you are trying to bring your knees to your chest with each motion.  Repeat this movement until you reach 20 high knees on each leg.

  1. Zig Zag Drill

Take four empty milk jugs and place them in a line about 2-3 feet apart.  Stand to the left of the first jug with all of the others in a line to the right of you.  Start the drill by exploding forward and then reversing in between the first and second milk jugs.  As soon as you explode through the first and second, you will reverse and sprint forward between the second and the third.  Then again, reverse and explode/sprint backwards between the third and forth until you again sprint forward and find yourself to the right of the last milk jug.  After you reach the end, work your way back through the line, only this time moving from right to left.

Incorporate these agility exercises as a source of cardio or even in between sets when resistance training to keep your heart rate elevated and burn more calories.

Example Agility Workout:

*number of circuits should represent your current fitness level.  If you are a beginner, start with one circuit of each exercise.  Then as your fitness level improves, increase the number of circuits you go through.





Plyometric Jumps

8 total jumps


Sprint Intervals

Up and back 10 times


Skier Hops

10 times each leg


High Knees

20 each knee


Zig Zag Drill

8 total sprint zig zags




Article Courtesy Of Matt Weik

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