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21 Gift Ideas For Your Friends Who Are Getting Their Fitness On!

Whenever you need it, we've got gift ideas for your friends who are super into fitness!

We get it. Food has a real place in your heart, but you also like to get out and get your fitness on! That’s not a bad thing. In fact, that’s what makes you a normal human being, just like your crazy friends trying to make their way through life. If you need some gift ideas that will be sure to please the recipient, then this list is for you.

Let's be real, we're all on a budget. So to make this easier, we broke this post down by costs: Under $30, $31-50, $51-75, and $75+ so you could easily find ideas in your budget range. If you think anything should be added to this list, let us know in the comments below.

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2019 Holiday Gift Ideas:

Note: Pricing may vary 

Gift Ideas Under $15:

Who doesn't need new meal prep containers? Perfect for the friend who keeps ogling yours, or for a family member that's inspired by your meal prep journey. 

Meal Prep Containers - From 10.99 Three Compartment Meal Prep Container White
Exercise Bands - $11.99 

These are a great way to up the ante on simple isometric exercises. A little resistance makes the muscles work a little harder and helps to develop strength. 

exercise band set

Rejuvenate Candles - $11.99 

There's never a bad time to light a candle!

Ankle Weights - $14.99 

Add this to the category of strength building and resistance building. Another gift idea for your friends!

ankle weights

Gift Ideas Between $15-30:

Gift a gift that keeps on giving; a membership to our meal prep master course. A great primer for the friend who's looking to get serious about meal prep. 

Meal Prep Master Course Membership ($19/mo)

Meal Prep Master Course

Uplifting Aroma Therapy Essential Oils Set - $16.06

This gift idea for your friend brings awesome options for uplifting aromatherapy. Try diffusing one after a workout! 

uplifting aroma therapy set

Fresh juicer - $17.99

Drink juice on its own or add to water for a refreshing citrus twist.

fresh juice maker
Ashwaganda - $17.99 

This herb is referred to as an adaptogen, which means that it helps your body adapt to the stresses of modern life. It's a must have!

Posture Correction brace - $18.99 

posture correction brace
Leggings with Cell phone pocket - $20.99

For the friend who lives in leggings. This is a gift that you can't have too many of!

Foam Roller - $21.99 

A foam roller is a key add to your post-workout repertoire. They're so helpful to get soreness moved through your body.

woman on a foam roller
Spiralizer - $23.97 

If your friend is following a keto diet, they might need a spiralizer to make some zoodles. 

Amazon's Highest Reviewed Bluetooth Headphones - $26.99

Perfect for playing some tunes during a workout. 

bluetooth headphones

Gift Ideas Between $30-$50:

Vital Proteins - $31 

Collagen peptides? Yes please, and it's especially a good gift idea for the friend who makes smoothies every day.

vital proteins
Swell Bottle - $33.75

Who can't use another water bottle? 

swell bottle
Keto eBook and Course Membership

Granted, we're a bit biased, but we think this gift for your friend or family member who's going keto will make their life so much easier! 

MeUndies - Women's Packs From $45

meundies Women_s_packs

Gift Ideas over $50:

Instant Pot - $99.95

Meal prep just got FASTER and more efficient. You'd be surprised how much you can do with this handy appliance. 

instant pot on a counter
Photo credit: CNBC

FitBit Charge 3 - $139.99
fit bit charge 3

6 Month Audiobook (Audible) Subscription - $90



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