The 6 Best Energy Drinks

The Best Energy Drinks give you what you need without the dreaded crash-and-burn feeling. Here are our faves when you need a boost!

Whether you're going to the gym, need an energy boost mid-afternoon, or craving a pick-me-up in a sporting event, energy drinks are there for you. There are many energy drinks on the market today, and that number is expected to rise even more by 2030. Of course, this means more flavors, benefits, and mixing opportunities! These are six of our favorite energy drinks on the market today.


Reign Total Body Fuel is an innovative performance energy drink to help athletes perform at their peak. Blended with BCAAs, 300 mg of Natural Caffeine, CoQ10, and electrolytes, Reign Total Body Fuel also offers zero sugar, & zero artificial flavors & colors. Reign currently comes in 3 product lines: Storm, Core, and Inferno; and a total of 14 flavors. 


Monster Energy is a carbonated energy drink with caffeine. It also includes ginseng and B vitamins. It is smooth, refreshing, and made to gulp. We like that they have a sugar free line of products, too. Coffee lovers might enjoy the Monster Java energy, and a Monster juice energy, recovery, or hydration options might be what the doctor ordered after a workout. Monster energy drinks come in 24 varieties, including classic, sugar-free, low-carb and so forth.

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Red Bull

Many people are no stranger to this product, as Red Bull Energy Drink is an Austrian-based company that launched in 1987. Their lightly carbonated energy drinks contain B vitamins, taurine, and some caffeine. Red Bull is known for its slogan “Gives You Wiiings,” and the brand is known for events and sponsorships in sports such as diving, breakdancing, mountain biking, racing, drifting, skateboarding, and more. They offer 11 varieties: classic, classic sugar-free, zero, red edition, yellow edition, and so forth. 


Celsius Fitness Drinks come in sparkling and non-carbonated varieties and are specially formulated for fueling active lifestyles. The brand's product is clinically studied to boost your metabolism and burn body fat when exercising. Celsius currently has 4 main product lines: classic, Celsius Heat, Celsius BCAA, and Celsius-Stevia. Many of their products are either sugar-free or low-calorie. Their recipes tend to have green tea extract to boost metabolism, guarana seed extract for energy, ginger root for digestion and to increase body heat. It also contains chromium to curb appetite, vitamin C for immune support, and B vitamins for additional energy and metabolic boost.

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Rockstar Energy Drink contains B vitamins and guarana, taurine, and caffeine to help keep you going and stay focused. The company offers a comparatively large variety, with 30 flavors across 8 product sublines: Original, Pure Zero, Punched, Recovery, XDurance, Unplugged, Boom, and Throwback.


Bang Energy gives you a bang for your buck with 4 main product varieties: classic Bang, Vooz Hydration, Redline, and Meltdown Energy. Of their mainline classic Bang, these drinks are zero-calorie, sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, keto-friendly, and have no artificial colors. Bang Energy has a whopping 38 flavors on the market today.  

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If we were to decide which is our favorite and least favorite, it will be a close race. However, if pressed enough, Red Bull would come out on top and Reign would be our least favorite. Red Bull is straightforward and utilizes an optimal recipe for improving energy, is culturally relevant, and has a decent distinct flavor for an energy drink. Reign seems to be lacking and less available while their presentation is over the top for what it is.

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