gluten free crispy chicken nuggets

DYK: Gluten-Free Breading Mix Is Already In Your Pantry

Regular breadcrumbs and panko are standard go-tos when it comes to breaded meat and fish, or as a binder in meatballs, but what happens when you need a Gluten-Free Breading option?

Bet you didn’t know how close you were to a solution. Sure, there are plenty of pre-made gluten-free breading options at your local Sprouts store, but you probably already have one of the easiest gluten-free breading solutions right in your pantry.

gluten free breading

On its own, breading is a pretty simple mix, but it has the potential to have a big impact on your meal. Whether you’re baking or frying, the breading mix creates an outer crust that delivers an extra layer of flavor with the added bonus of a wonderful crunch.

So when purchased breadcrumbs aren’t an option, head to the pantry and grab a few rice cakes to make your own gluten-free breading mix. You might not have considered using these crisp and airy snack cakes this way before, but they work better than you would expect. Use whichever ones you have available, but  if it were up to us, we would avoid the sweeter options.

But first…

Before you get to breading, use a food processor, blender, or even a rolling pin to process the cakes into a coarse powder. Consider what you’re breading as you decide how coarse or fine to go. Fish and seafood do well with a finer crumb, but pounded pork chops or chicken can handle a coarser crumb.

Add any desired seasoning to the breadcrumb to flavor them to taste, and then use the crumbs as you would any breading mix. As the breaded meat or fish cooks, the rice cake breading browns and takes on a light and even crispier texture.

gluten free crispy chicken nuggets
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If you’re not a fan of rice cakes, can’t eat them, or prefer something a little more “ready made,” here are a couple items you might want to consider ordering up:

breadless breading

gruten free breadcrumbs

gluten free breading paleo powder

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