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17 No Reheat Meal Prep Recipes

No-Reheat Meal Prep Recipes will make your life so much easier, and make it faster for you to reach your meal prep goals for lunch and dinner. So good for when you are on the go!

We don’t always have access to a microwave, air fryer, oven, stove, or fire, but we still have to eat. And sometimes we're busy and taking the time to reheat something is maybe 10 minutes we don't have. Sometimes it is our workplace limitations, or the electricity is temporarily off at home, or our children’s schools don't make it easy. Whatever the case may be, you can still stay focused on your meal prepping needs. There are plenty of nutritious and delicious meal preps that do not require reheating. Here are our favorite no-reheat meal preps!

17 No Reheat Meal Prep Recipes PIN

How to Keep No Reheat Recipes Safe?

Not all food must be reheated, but more often than not it does require being refrigerated and kept in an airtight container. The reason for this is to reduce the risk of food poisoning due to an increase of bacteria in the food- especially food that is initially warmed, moist, and has been left out for two or more hours. It is also a good rule of thumb to keep cooked foods in the refrigerator for less than 5 days to prevent the risk of illness. Freezing your food is typically the safer option for cooked food stored longer than 5 days, so plan ahead with your meal prepping needs. When transporting your prepped food, be sure to continue using your airtight containers. 

Jump ahead to No Reheat Recipes:


Protein Waffles

This is a great alternative to traditional waffles since this recipe actually offers a great source of protein which is something our bodies need to function and build muscle. These protein waffles also taste great and offer the opportunity to add cinnamon, dark chocolate, nuts, fruit, and other flavors.

(Carbs: 49g - Protein: 26g - Fat: 16g)

Pepperoni Pizza Egg Cups

Portable egg cups, also known as egg bites, are an easy way to meal prep while making a dozen at a time. These pizza egg cups bring together one of our favorite foods, i.e. pizza, with a low-carb and high-protein base. Guilt-free fine meal prep dining with plenty of flavors.

(Carbs: 23g - Protein: 26g - Fat: 26g) 

Smoked Salmon Lentil Breakfast Salad

Try a modern take on a lox bagel in the form of a salad! There's been plenty of times we have eaten all of the toppings on a lox bagel, so why not make it an entire salad? No-reheat meal prep for the win!

(Carbs: 36g - Protein: 28g - Fat: 18g)

Chickpea Frittata

Try this delicious eggless frittata that is packed with B vitamins and offers a new take on breakfast!

 (Carbs: 48g - Protein: 10g - Fat: 4g)

Sausage Lovers’s Hashbrown Casserole 

If you love sausage, regardless of what kind, this breakfast casserole offers satisfaction and satiation! Start your days off right with this no-reheat meal prep.

(Carbs: 13g - Protein: 23g - Fat: 13g)

Lunch and Dinner

Chicken Quinoa Salad 

Colorful and well-balanced, this salad is rich in protein and flavor with added zest and subtle sweet notes. This is a great dish on a hot day, when you especially won't want to reheat a m eal.

(Carbs: 32g - Protein: 64g - Fat: 5g)

Arugula Pesto Pasta  

Get your greens with this pasta! We love the mouthfeel, texture, and balanced flavors. The pine nuts add a nice crunch.

(Carbs: 62g - Protein: 28g - Fat: 34g)

Vegan Chipotle Bowl

Anytime we can add sweet potato to a dish, you know it's going to be delicious. This salad is perfect as a main dish or as a side. An inspired no-reheat meal prep!

(Carbs: 71g - Protein: 16g - Fat: 25g)

Chicken Soba Noodle

A complete meal in a bowl! Not only is this a quick and easy dish to make, but it is also one that offers a unique complexity in flavor. This makes eating cold chicken and noodles a delight as a recipe you'll want to keep on hand.

(Carbs: 53g - Protein: 37g - Fat: 6g)

Tuna Poke Bowl

Poke bowls are one of the best ways to get high-quality fish proteins and fats in your diet, while not having to cook a lot in preparing them. This poke bowl recipe is among our favorites!

(Carbs: 7g - Protein: 27g - Fat: 7g)

Shrimp with Tomato and Avocado

Lime zest, creamy avocado, tangy tomato, sharp chives, cilantro, and tasty shrimp all mixed together make this a fantastic no-reheat lunch or dinner meal prep recipe.

(Carbs: 7g - Protein: 25g - Fat: 9g)

Turkey Wrap 

This new twist on a traditional wrap includes a kick of flavor from the chipotle lime avocado oil spread. Quick and easy to make, this will swiftly replace boring, tired-out, sandwiches.

(Carbs: 37g - Protein: 25g - Fat: 21g)

Chicken BLT Pasta Salad

If you love a good bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich, and you love salads, look no further! This is a great take on the traditional BLT and offers a slightly more healthy and flavorful variation.

(Carbs: 52g - Protein: 31g - Fat: 11g)

Cauliflower Rice Salmon Poke Bowl

This light lunch option offers more protein than carbs, so you shouldn't feel the need for a nap after this no-reheat meal prep.

(Carbs: 16g - Protein: 24g - Fat: 20g)

Cold Veggie Pizza

Cold pizza is a crowd favorite and this recipe goes straight to it. We love scooping up bites of arugula salad with our slices of veggie pizza.

(Carbs: 41g - Protein: 12g - Fat: 30g)


Superfoods Almond Butter Bars

Densely packed health food that still tastes great? Yes please. Portable, check! No-reheating needed? Check!

(Carbs: 20g - Protein: 4g - Fat: 10g) 

Healthy Oatmeal Muffins

We are not bluffin' with these muffins! You can go gaga over these fluffy, delicate, full of flavor muffins. They offer several health benefits and are a great no-reheat option!

(Carbs: 18g - Protein: 6g - Fat: 4g) 

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