Turkey Bacon Ranch Pinwheel Snack Boxes

Turkey Bacon Ranch Pinwheel Snack Boxes

Turkey Bacon Ranch Pinwheel Snack Boxes

Do you find yourself a bit “peckish” throughout your work or school day, but only having a few minutes to eat a light snack? It’s a common theme, with schedules getting more and more cramped, and we have no doubt that you’re all hard-working folks, meal prep fam! We know many of our readers are fans and followers of the ketogenic diet, too. So that’s why today we’ve brought you a meal prep idea today that you’ll love to “gobble” down—Turkey bacon ranch pinwheel snack boxes!

We love this meal prep idea because it is indeed 100% keto-friendly! And as many of our keto readers can attest to, keto meals can really pack a punch in the department of satisfying the hunger in a protein-dense way. With almost 16g of protein per serving, this snack aims to do that very thing, while providing healthy energy via the inclusion of fresh side veggies!

Keto Turkey Ranch Pin Wheel Snack Boxes

Turkey, bacon, and ranch. Name a more iconic trio, we’ll wait! This healthy meal prep idea is actually much healthier than other more traditional turkey bacon ranch options because it doesn’t use any ranch dressing! Instead, it utilizes velvety cream cheese intermingled with ranch seasonings! Not only does this make for a healthy substitution, but we think it actually tastes richer and yummier than using a regular ranch dressing.

Keto Turkey Ranch Pin Wheel Snack Boxes

How long will these Turkey Bacon Ranch Pinwheel Snack Boxes last for? 

We recommend you eat each serving of this meal prep idea within 3-5 days of preparing it. Plus, these pinwheels are so delicious, how could you not?!

Can these Turkey Bacon Ranch Pinwheel Snack Boxes be frozen?

Yes, they can, though we suggest only freezing the pinwheels themselves. They should last about 6 months!

Keto Turkey Ranch Pin Wheel Snack Boxes

How do you make these Turkey Bacon Ranch Pinwheel Snack Boxes?

This meal prep idea is quick and easy, only taking 25 minutes total to make! Begin the process by cooking your bacon to preferred crispness. Then make your ‘ranch’ by combining cream cheese and ranch seasonings in a bowl (we suggest doing this after bringing the cream cheese to room temp). Next, spread each slice of turkey with the ranch cream cheese mixture. Add your desired amount of spinach and a crumbled strip of bacon, roll up, and then cut into slices. Now your pinwheels are done! Simply pack into snack boxes with fruit and veggie slices (only veggies if you want to be 100% keto).

Keto Turkey Ranch Pin Wheel Snack Boxes

How to portion these Turkey Bacon Ranch Pinwheel Snack Boxes?

We recommend packing this meal prep idea into two-compartment meal prep containers, to accommodate both the pinwheels and fruit/veggies in separate spaces. You can pick some up on Amazon, or check out what kind of containers best suit your needs in our article, Ultimate Guide to Meal Prep Containers!

More healthy snack box meal prep ideas:

Sometimes a full-on meal is too much commitment, and that’s okay! We have plenty of other healthy snack box recipes for you to try, like these Keto Cracker Snack Boxes, or give these Whole30 Breakfast Snack Boxes a try for your prepped breakfast next week!

Other tips for making these Turkey Bacon Ranch Pinwheel Snack Boxes:

  • For super crispy bacon, try cooking it in the oven on a bacon sheet!
  • Trying to save time? Consider using precooked bacon pieces instead!
  • We recommend using Primal Palate brand ranch seasoning for this meal prep idea.

Turkey Bacon Ranch Pinwheel Snack Boxes Ingredients:

  • 4 slices turkey breast
  • 4 ounces cream cheese
  • ½ package Ranch salad dressing seasoning
  • 4 slices bacon
  • ½ cup spinach or baby greens


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