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Save these Quotes for a Positive Mindset

Quotes for a positive mindset will move you forward when you're feeling stuck or lost. We all need a little pick me up now and then, right?

I truly believe in positive energy, and that your positive mindset gives you a more hopeful outlook, and believing that you can do something great means you WILL do something great. We collected some of our favorite quotes for a positive mindset. They can help encourage and empower you to do something great. Despite all the best intentions, getting started can be hard.

In my experience, repetition has been key. It's why mantras are so helpful, and seeing an image repeatedly can reinforce consistent positive thoughts and self-talk. Plus, it's why productive routines have the ability to make a big impact in our lives; they have with me. Whether it's meal prep inspiration, weight loss, working on a positive body image, creating a vision board, or setting and reaching goals—they are all impacted by positive reinforcement. Maybe you've had this experience yourself.

We'd love for you to see these quotes for a positive mindset every day. Right-click and save them as your desktop, or if you're on your phone, save them as the background on your phone. Or head over to our motivational Pinterest board and repin them for yourself.  Make sure you are being positively impacted every day. You can't lose! 

Here is to making progress! We're doing this together.

Quotes for a Positive Mindset

seven days without exercise makes one weak

"Seven Days Without Exercise Makes One Weak"

Motivational Quotes for a Positive mindset

"In two weeks you'll feel it. In four weeks you'll see it. In eight weeks, you'll hear it." - Unknown

Positive Mindset Quotes - Meal Prep On Fleek

"I am grateful for all my victories, but I am especially grateful for my losses, because they only made me work harder." -Muhammad Ali (Soul of A Butterfly)

Positive Mindset Quotes - Meal Prep On Fleek

"Surround yourself with people more interested in your progress than your past." - Unknown

Positive Mindset Quotes - Meal Prep On Fleek

"Less Sugar, More Fruit. Less Soda, More Water. Less Driving, More Walking. Less Worry, More Sleep. Less Words, More Action." - Unknown

Positive Mindset Quotes - Meal Prep On Fleek

"The secret to getting ahead is getting started. Today is the day for new beginnings." - Unknown

Positive Mindset Quotes - Meal Prep On Fleek

"Without a goal, You can't score." - Unknown

What do you think? Which one of these quotes resonates with you? Or maybe you have one of your own favorites? We'd love to know. Please share some thoughts in the comments!


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