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Meet Alexia Clark | Fitness Model and Athlete

Thousands of people follow Alexia Clark's workouts and we're not at all surprised. We wanted to find out more about how, and what, makes Alexia tick. Here's our conversation with Alexia Clark

Alexia Clark Fitness Model Trainer
Photo : Spencer Coursen

Q&A with Alexia Clark - Social Media's Queen of Workouts

On Lifestyle:

MPOF:  How do you start your day?
Alexia Clark:  I wake up around 4:30am every morning, put on some warm clothes, and spend time with my dogs. Then between 5:30-6am I get ready for my clients

Meal Prep on Fleek: What’s one thing you can’t live without? Why?
Alexia Clark: My Dogs  -  I have an English Bull Bog (Roxy) and Rhodesian Ridgeback (Mack). They are always happy and  the only thing they care about is, wanting to be with you.

Meal Prep on Fleek: Do you follow any specific diets/plans? Why?
Alexia Clark:  I don't follow any diet plans. I just try to make sure I eat clean. I don't buy snack foods or junk food. I know that if I have those things around, I'm going to eat all of it, at once.

Meal Prep on Fleek: How do you define "eating clean"?
Alexia Clark: I eat vegetables at every meal, no red meat (doesn't agree w/stomach), and try not to eat anything processed.

Meal Prep on Fleek: What is your favorite music to listen to? Why?
Alexia Clark: When I'm relaxed or in a chill mood, I like Flume (older stuff)  and when I'm pumped up or excited I'll listen to Marshmallow or remixes

On Fitness:

Meal Prep on Fleek: What do you do to stay active every week?

Meal Prep on Fleek: For people who say working out is too hard, what do you tell them?
Alexia Clark: Not worth working for is easy… but you can make it fun.

There is a difference between training and exercising.
You can do anything to exercise, like play soccer with your kids or go hiking. Working out / Training is hard...that's when you’re pushing yourself and working on your weaknesses

Meal Prep on Fleek: What is your favorite exercise?
Alexia Clark: Hiking with my dogs or going to park and playing with my nephews and cousins

Meal Prep on Fleek: What is your least favorite exercise?
Alexia Clark: Not a huge fan of spinning

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On Food:

Meal Prep on Fleek: On a scale from 1 to 10 - How important is food to your lifestyle? Why?
Alexia Clark: A 12! I love food. I think food is so important. You can get so much joy out of it and you can make it taste so good.

Meal Prep on Fleek: What's one piece of advice for some just starting to eat better?
Alexia Clark: Try not to look at it as restricting yourself. Think of it like, “This is going to be a new habit I’m starting”

Meal Prep on Fleek: Do you Meal Prep? Why?
Alexia Clark: I halfway meal prep. I'll make a spaghetti squash, or a bunch cauliflower rice, at the beginning of the week and I'll just leave it plain so I can make a bunch of different things with it throughout the week. You can do the same this with ground turkey and chicken.

  • I meal prep because I'm so busy and because I don't buy and snack foods, but I want to have something quick.

Meal Prep on Fleek: What are some of your favorite meals to prep combos?
Alexia Clark: I love spaghetti squash with salsa and ground turkey. One of my favorites right now is doing ground turkey, butternut squash, tomato, onion, and corn

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    1. Hi Nessa -

      You can stay 'leaner' while gaining muscle mass. However, in order to gain muscle you do have to be in a calorie surplus which comes with an increase in body fat. Just make sure to increase your macros slowly every 2-3 weeks depending on your weight and strength.

  1. is it possible to get your lower abs toned. Im 5 1. I used to weigh 15 now im 137. trying to get to 130 and maintain it. can you give me some tips.

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