Meal Prep Menu: Week 6

Meal Prep Menu: Week 6

NOTE:These menus are designed to give you meal ideas, not to tell you how many calories to eat per day. Please make sure to calculate your macrosHEREand then adjust the menu items’ portion sizes as needed.

We hope these simple weekly meal prep plans/ideas help keep you on track or, at the very least, making some of your weekly meals extra delicious! If you feel as if you've been stuck eating the same meals or flavors over and over again, don't forget that we have hundreds of recipes on the site for you to choose from!

As always, head below if you are looking for swaps to fit your dietary needs/macros/lifestyle. All of this week’s recipes can be made vegetarian or vegan friendly, too!

This week’s recipes:

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How to customize:

If you have any questions or need ideas for alternate swaps, head over to ourFacebook Groupto ask or email me at [email protected]!

  • Cinnamon Raisin Sweet Potato Snack Bread

    • To make this recipe vegetarian-friendly, swap the collagen for a vegan-friendly protein powder.
    • You can swap the collagen for almost any protein powder, except for whey.
    • We have not tried swapping out the egg whites for a vegan egg replacement. If you give it a try, please let us know how it goes!
  • Italian Sub Lettuce Wraps

    • To make this vegetarian or vegan-friendly, swap the salami and ham for vegan deli meat.
    • Another great swap for the deli meat is thinly sliced tofu.
    • Swap the cheese for a dairy-free alternative
  • Thai Basil Chicken Meal Prep

    • To make this vegan, swap the ground turkey for crumbled tofu or a vegan chicken replacement such as Quorn.
    • Swap the fish sauce for a vegan alternative such as Ocean's brand
    • Again, for a vegan/vegetarian option, use vegetable broth in place of chicken broth.
    • You can also swap the chicken for pork or beef, if not vegan.
  • Protein Almond Butter Cups

    • To make this vegan, swap the whey protein for a vegan-friendly protein powder.
    • The almond butter can be subbed with any drippy seed butter if you have an allergy.
    • The almond butter can be subbed with any other drippy nut butter.
    • The dark chocolate can be swapped for milk chocolate.
    • The sides are optional. If you'd like to include them, use a dairy-free yogurt alternative if you're vegan.

How to alter the macros:

  • Cinnamon Raisin Sweet Potato Snack Bread

    • You can lower the carbs by swapping the sweet potato for a canned squash or leaving out the raisins.
    • Donotsub the coconut flour with any other flour.
    • The almonds and berries are optional sides that are not included in the macros. You can include these or even serve them with Greek Yogurt or cottage cheese for additional protein.
  • Italian Sub Lettuce Wraps

    • To increase the carbs in this dish, serve on some sub roll or with sweet potato fries on the side.
    • To decrease the fat, you can reduce the olive oil drizzle or leave it off altogether.
    • To increase the protein, use sliced turkey meat.
  • Thai Basil Chicken Meal Prep

    • The rice and broccoli are not included in the macros for this dish. To increase the carbs, add 1 cup cooked white or jasmine rice to each meal prep, plus ½ cup steamed broccoli.
    • To increase the fat, use additional oil when cooking the chicken or a higher fat percentage of chicken (or pork)
    • To increase the protein, double the amount of protein used in the recipe.
  • Protein Almond Butter Cups

    • The only recommendations we would make here are the swaps listed above.
    • You can serve with your favorite sides or none! Berries are always a great idea!

*Please note that any changes to ingredients will alter the macros on each recipe.

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