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21 Gifts For When You Love Fitness but Also Really Love Food

We get it. You love food as much as you love fitness... That's not a bad thing. In fact, that's what makes you a normal human being. Because your squad is on fleek, here is the definitivegift guide for your fit foodie friends.

Fitness and Food Lovers Gift Guide


Pizza Socks - $12.99

pizza socks

Pizza Bell Flowy Scoop Muscle Tank - Black - $40


Donuts Yoga Pants - $69.95


In the Treat of the Moment Yoga Mat - $39.99


Shop Pizza Phone Cases on Amazon - From $8.99


Hitting up your gym partner like... Cheeseburger Phone - $9


Pancake Stack Hoodie - $69.95

Dat Mat Yoga Mat - $39.99

Duh... Peanut Butter - $12.99

Decisions decisions... Gym or Tacos shirt - $22



Hitting those ropes too hard? You'll need Bacon Bandages - $7.79


Taco Bout Awesome Water Bottle - $26.10

tacobout awesome

Pizza Phone Charger - $39.99


Buttermilk Mancakes - $26.99

Ice Cream Gym Bag - $35

Pancakes with Abs Tank - $25

Ice Cream Workout Pants - $69.95

Custom Spoons with all the feels - $18

Dry off after you killed your workout with a Bacon Towel - $9.99

Donuts Sweatband - $15.99

French Fries Cell Phone Case - $6.60



The Ultimate Fitness and Food Lovers Gift Guide

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Fitness and Food Lovers Gift Guide

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