Healthiest Meal Preps under $4

There have been some posts about “What is the healthiest meal I can prepare for under $5?”  Well, I want to do you one better becasue, A) It’s totally possible and B) Eating healthy doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

One of the reasons why healthy eating is said to be a challenge for many people is that fact that junk food seems to be more readily available at lower prices than healthy alternatives. Well, it’s time to end this limiting belief, both for myself and for others who struggle with making healthy choices on a tight budget.

This will be our home for meal preps you can make for under $4, that anyone can make, and use to improve their health. The less time/equipment it takes to prepare, the better. Think fast, efficient, and nourishing.  Also to note, since this is meal prepping, the overall cost of food will be above $4 but if you divide the cost of ingredients across meals, the cost per meal will be under $4.

Meal Preps under $4

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