benefits of meal prepping

7 Reasons To Start Meal Prepping

There are so many benefits to meal prepping.

Here are the top 7 reasons you should start meal prepping today

Sometimes we forget about all the reasons why we should be meal prepping every week. Or, maybe you never really knew why it was so important! Here are 7 healthy reasons why meal prepping should be part of your weekly routine! Trust us, you (and your wallet) will be thanking us later!

benefits of meal prepping

1. Saves You Time

Yes, it may mean spending two hours getting everything ready on a Sunday, but just think about all of the hours saved during the week!
If you spend 10 minutes every day making a meal (and that's on the low-end of time) or 10 minutes running to a fast food joint, over the course of 5 days:
5 days’ x 3 meals per day x 30 minutes per meal = 7.5 hours
You have just saved yourself 5.5 hours and a heck of a lot fewer dishes to wash by prepping!

2. Saves You Money

To many people, it seems like meal prepping is expensive, but the reality is, it is much cheaper! When you spend around $75 at one time on a Sunday meal prep haul, it seems like a lot. But if you break it down, you will see that is not the case. The average take-out meal costs around $5.00.
5 days per week x 3 meals per day x $5 per meal = $75 but this price doesn't include any snacks! So tack on another $2 per snack (usually 2 per day) and you are looking at $95 for the week!

3. Less Stress

Yes, most think that meal prepping on a Sunday is stressful. But how stressful is it to rush around each morning, afternoon and evening trying to toss together a healthy meal (worse yet, one that fits your macros) or finding a place to grab a last-minute meal?
If you are armed with a plan on Sunday for your meal prep, you will eliminate all of the weekend and weekday stress! What happens when stress levels go down? Cortisol levels drop, and we lose body fat! It's a magic weight loss trick without even hitting the gym!

4. Adds Variety

Variety is the spice of life! It's what keeps us from getting bored and reaching for less than healthy options! When you don't plan the tendency is to eat the same boring things over and over again. By the end of the week, we find ourselves face first in a big pile of nachos because we are so sick of chicken, broccoli, and rice or the same take-out place. By getting a little creative, you can add variety via different fruits and veggies, various protein choices and simple swaps of your favorite seasonings!

5. Gives You Control Over Your Nutrition

When you meal prep you are controlling what ingredients are going into your meals, your portion sizes (KEY for health) and creating food combinations that you enjoy! Making the decisions for yourself about what is and is not included in your meal preps will keep your waistline in check, your energy levels and mental clarity up and your taste buds satisfied!

6. Portion Control

We mentioned this briefly above, but portion control is KEY to weight loss, weight gain, and even general health! Having control over the amount of food in each meal prep will help you get closer to your fitness goal! And we know you all have goals!

7. Keeps You Energized

Fueling your body with a balance of lean protein, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats will keep your energy levels up, and your mind focused! If we aren't armed with prepared meals the tendency is to reach for something quick like fast food, sugary snacks, and fat laden chips. All of these items will give us an energy spike and then send us crashing down! With meal prep on hand, you are sure to be getting in fiber, slow digesting carbs and all of the micronutrients that are vital to keeping your blood sugar (and energy) even throughout the day!

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