Free ways to boost your mood

15 Free Ways To Boost Your Mood

Need ways to boost your mood that are easy and quick? Read on, we're here to help!

I used to turn to food to boost my mood. At least temporarily. But, over the years I have found other free ways to boost your mood and it's been a game changer. Give one of these fifteen ideas a try! I guarantee they will make you feel happier than any box of chocolate will, although we wouldn't object if you ate a little chocolate to boost your mood. 

Head to the beach

Or someplace where you can roll out a blanket under the warm sun and relax. If that's not possible, stand outside in the sun and place your bare feet on the earth. That can also help reset your mood.

Play on the swings

There is nothing more freeing than bringing out your inner child again and feeling like you are soaring high above the ground. Find the closest playground and go!

Go for a bike ride

Nothing increases endorphins more than a bit of movement.

Turn up the music and sing

Put on your favorite song and just sing it out! Singing raises your vibration and therefore your mood.

Watch a funny movie

Pick a really funny one; you need a movie that's going to give you really good belly laughs. Mood boosted!

Get creative

Color, draw, scrapbook, sew; anything that will let you express your emotions. Consider this an easy and rewarding way to boost your mood.


It's a wonderful feeling, helping other people. Being of service is a gift. Do a bit of research and find something in your local area that you are passionate about.

Hug someone

A simple hug can do wonders for your mood. It is an easy way to feel loved. And it helps the person you're hugging, too.

Do some yoga

You don’t need a fancy yoga studio membership. Try a video online. Movement helps your mood, and slowing down your breathing in yoga creates a sense of calm.

Flip through happy old photos

Pull out pictures from a happy time like a family vacation or a weekend away with friends. Think about all the good conversations and laughs you had during those times. 

Beautify yourself

Do your nails, spend some time putting on makeup, or do your hair. You don’t need a special occasion to spend some time making yourself look and feel good! Have you ever gotten all dolled up and then put on your pj’s and watch a good movie? It’s amazing. Trust me!

Call a friend

The best person to call is someone who won’t give you advice or feedback. Choose a close friend who will just listen. Sometimes all we need to do is just talk about something to feel better. No judgment or answers are required.

Take a long, hot, luxurious shower or bath

The steam will relax your body and mind. Then curl up with a good book and a cup of tea and relax. An incredible way to boost your mood.

Cuddle up with your pet

The action of snuggling and petting your animals is known to reduce stress and improve mood. Have you ever walked in the door and not seen your pet excited to see you?

Invite your family and friends over

Plan a gathering with the people you love most. Have a backyard BBQ, a game night or make a Sunday brunch. Time with others brings out the best in our mood.

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