10 Minute Home Ab Workout

10 Minute Ab Workout to Achieve a Rock-Hard Midsection

Abs seem to be the most coveted body part that everyone seems to focus on. And sure, they look great, they show off a sexy physique, and they are a sign of core strength – the foundation of any body, big or small. Yet, people still seem to be unsure how to properly activate these muscles to have them pop so they can show them off this year at the beach. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. As you know, abs are made in the kitchen. You need to have a clean diet in order to drop enough body fat to have your abs show. However, through the 10-minute ab workout, we are about to share with you, you’ll be able to strengthen and build your core to aid in the process of getting that desired rock-hard midsection you’ve always wanted.

10 Minute Home Ab Workout

In order to complete this 10-minute ab workout, you’ll need enough space around you to complete the exercises. If you are doing this workout in the gym, find a space on a padded mat so you are a little bit more comfortable than being on a hard floor, and if you are at home, either utilize an exercise mat (these can be purchased inexpensively from all sporting goods stores or online) or simply use a carpeted area that has some padding under it.

You are going to want to either complete this workout on its own or following one of your workouts as a great finisher. I would recommend hitting your abdominals two or three times each week to help achieve the desired results. The 10-minute ab workout mentioned below is to be completed as a circuit. Meaning, go through the exercises one by one and when you finish the last exercise, start all over again.

Depending on your experience, beginners should start with one circuit and increase the number as they improve. Intermediates can start with two circuits and expand from there. While experienced exercisers can start with three complete circuits. You can rest for one to two minutes in between circuits if you wish or continue the next circuit right away to increase the intensity and calorie burn.


10 Minute Home Ab Workout
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