Baked Breaded Zucchini Bites with Marinara

Baked Breaded Zucchini Bites with Marinara

Its easy snack-time fun with our Italian inspired Baked Breaded Zucchini Bites (say that 10 times fast). Doesn't this meal prep snack remind you of Carl's Jr.'s fried zucchini? Ours is a healthier, paleo-friendly version and paired with marinara sauce instead of ranch. These baked zucchini bites are baked into crispy, dippable delights on a sheet pan and only take 35 minutes to prepare. Are you ready for this nutritious & delicious on-the-go snack? Then let's dig in!


Baked Breaded Zucchini Bites with Marinara

Simple and delicious! These Baked Breaded Zucchini Bites with Marinara are so easy to make and are a healthy alternative to the fried version! Whole30.

Baked Breaded Zucchini Bites with Marinara

Baked Breaded Zucchini Bites with Marinara Ingredients:

Baked Breaded Zucchini Bites with Marinara


How long will Baked Breaded Zucchini Bites last for?

Baked zucchini bites stay fresh for 2 days when packaged in an airtight container or ziplock bag and store in your refrigerator. This meal prep snack recipe yields 3 servings, so enjoy one immediately and save the rest! 


Can Baked Breaded Zucchini be frozen?

Yes, baked zucchini bites freeze well! The beauty of freezing breaded baked zucchini bites is that you don't have to cook them to freeze them. Simply prepare the zucchini bites to the point of breading them. Then, store them in an airtight freezer-friendly container. If you decide to bake the bites then freeze them, do a pre-freeze before freezing them. Since they're not fried, they won't get soggy when you reheat them. The breaded zucchini bites keep their flavor for up to 6 months. 


How do you make Baked Breaded Zucchini Bites?

This is the fun part because it's so easy! Set yourself up for dipping and dredging the zucchini slices and preheat your oven. You need two shallow glass bowl for the whisked eggs and Paleo Powder. Start dredging with the egg wash, then dredge in the Paleo Powder, and place the coated zucchini pieces on a lined sheet pan. Repeat this process until all the zucchini slices are gone. Once done, bake the zucchini bites in the oven at 375 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes. Easy, right? Here's the full recipe.


Baked Breaded Zucchini Bites with Marinara


How to portion Baked Breaded Zucchini Bites?

Put your crunchy & delicious baked zucchini bites in our baby blue Goodcook Meal Prep containers with marinara or tomato sauce. Garnish the sauce with fresh basil leaves if you wish - why not give your snack a little flair (and more flavor)?


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Baked Breaded Zucchini Bites with Marinara

Other tips for making Baked Breaded Zucchini Bites:

  • Dry out the zucchini rounds as much as possible. 


  • Add cheese for cheesy baked zucchini bites!


  • Go with a high-quality, fresh marinara or tomato sauce for dipping.




Baked Breaded Zucchini Bites with Marinara

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