Antipasto Skewer Snack Boxes

Antipasto Skewer Snack Boxes

Antipasto Skewer Snack Boxes

There are so many advantages to meal prepping, not least of which includes sheer convenience. It’s so great to only have to invest an hour of cooking a week, for several days of pre-portioned breakfasts, lunches, and/or dinners! But what if you don’t have an hour to dedicate to cooking? What if you don’t even have half an hour? What then? If this sounds like you in your professional or academic life, trust us when we tell you: We’ve been there, meal prep fam! Sometimes our extremely time-crunched schedules make it difficult to cover even our most basic of necessities. 

Don’t worry though, MPOF hears you loud and clear, and that’s why we’re here to present you with today’s healthy snack idea—Antipasto skewer snack boxes! One of the main perks? It only takes five minutes from start to finish to create four complete meal portions! Plus, this is a completely keto-compliant recipe, with almost 20g of protein, 22g of fat, and only 3g of carbs per serving. That’s what we call some serious dieting on-the-go!

Antipasto Skewer Snack Boxes

This awesome Keto Antipasto Skewer Snack Boxes recipe is packed with flavor and a breeze to make — perfect for when you’re on-the-go!

Antipasto Skewer Snack Boxes

How long will these Antipasto Skewer Snack Boxes last for?

Mozzarella balls are the most perishable ingredient in this recipe, lasting around 5 days in refrigeration. So we suggest eating this healthy snack idea within that timeframe

Can these Antipasto Skewer Snack Boxes be frozen?

Because the ingredients in this recipe are primarily fresh and potentially very difficult to reheat, we do not recommend freezing for later consumption. However, remember that making more of these skewers only takes 5 minutes!

Antipasto Skewer Snack Boxes

How do you make these Antipasto Skewer Snack Boxes?

This healthy snack idea is so easy to make, anyone could do it! Begin by skewering olives, tomatoes, cheese, pepperonis, and artichoke hearts onto each skewer. Simply continue this process until there are 12 finished antipasto skewers. 3 antipasto skewers with one (halved) egg equal 1 serving. Now you’re done, already! Just serve and enjoy.

Antipasto Skewer Snack Boxes

How to portion these Antipasto Skewer Snack Boxes?

In order to keep the skewers, fresh and separate from the eggs, we suggest using a simple two-compartment meal prep container to portion this healthy snack idea. If you’re not sure what kind of container will best fulfill your needs, you can check out our Ultimate Guide to Meal Prep Containers!

Antipasto Skewer Snack Boxes

More Keto-compliant healthy snack ideas:

We can’t say enough about how much we love the keto diet at MPOF (this skewer recipe included)! It’s perfect for people who love foods that are high in proteins and fats. Check out our article 16 Keto Crock-Pot Recipes for Easy Low-Carb Meals for even more inspiration, 4 Keto Fat Bombs You Can Make This Month if you’re looking for some guilt-free, keto-friendly dessert options!

Other tips for making these Antipasto Skewer Snack Boxes:

  • To save even more time, consider using pre-boiled eggs instead of boiling them yourself
  • Remember: 1 portion of this healthy snack idea is equal to  3 skewers and 1 boiled egg half

Antipasto-Skewer-Snack-Boxes-777x431 Keto Antipasto Skewer Snack Box Ingredients:

  • 12 Toothpicks
  • ¼ C. Green Olives
  • ¼ C. Mini Mozzarella Balls
  • ½ C. Marinated Quartered Artichoke Hearts
  • ¼ C. Grape Tomatoes
  • ¼ C. Uncured Pepperonis
  • 8 Eggs, boiled and then halved lengthwise
  • Pinch of Pink Himalayan Salt (for serving with the eggs)


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