Do You Dare? Dueling Partner Dorm Room Workout

Do You Dare_  Dueling Partner Dorm Room Workout

Do You Dare?  Dueling Partner Dorm Room Workout

In need of a dorm room workout for those days where you simply want to lounge in your sweats and study?  Do you have a roommate who enjoys exercising as much as you do?  Then get ready for a great dorm room workout where you and your roommate will be dueling.

For this workout, the only thing you will need is a towel or sheet depending on the length needed to complete the exercises.  To play it safe, have both on hand so you can easily transition to one or the other based on your needs.  Also, make sure the area around you is free from things that could injure you or cause you to fall/trip.

Dueling Partner Dorm Room Workout

Exercise 1:  Squats

For this exercise, stand facing each other and both of you will grab the towel/sheet with both hands.  At the same time, you will both go down into a squat until your upper legs are parallel to the ground.  You’ll then come back up.  Use the stability of each other to allow you both to sit back into the squat to take the pressure off your knees.

Exercise 2:  Chest Press

Stand back-to-back and wrap the towel/sheet around you both so that one of you has their arms extended while the other has their hands back against their sides.  As one of you pushes the sheet out, the other resists the motion.  Once your arms are straight out, your roommate would then push their sheet out in front of them while you resist the movement.  As one person pushes the concentric part of the motion, the other is resisting the eccentric portion of theirs and you go back and forth.

Exercise 3:  Row

Sit on the floor with your legs straight out touching your roommates.  Ensure that both of you are sitting with your backs straight.  Each of you should be holding onto the towel/sheet with both hands at shoulder width.  Take turns pulling backward in a row motion until your hands are at your sides and your roommate’s upper body is leaning towards you.  Your roommate should be resisting your rowing motion.  Then you switch and your roommate does the rowing movement while you resist.

Exercise 4:  Biceps Curl/Triceps Pushdown

For this, one of you will be on their knees and the other will be standing in front of them.  The person on their knees will be using their triceps to push the towel down in front of them while the roommate resists the movement.  The roommate standing then completes a biceps curl while the person kneeling resists.  Once you complete the set, you both reverse roles.

Exercise 5:  Shoulder Press Handstand

For this exercise, use your partner to steady you while you get into a handstand position.  Slowly lower yourself down until the top of your head barely touches the floor and push yourself back up (your roommate can assist you if needed).  Once you complete your set, reverse roles.


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Biceps Curl/Triceps PD10-122-4
Shoulder Press HS10-122-4

Do You Dare_  Dueling Partner Dorm Room Workout

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