Do You Dare_  Dueling Partner Dorm Room Workout

Do You Dare? Dueling Partner Dorm Room Workout

Do you wanna challenge your roomate to duel while working out? We've got a solution for your workout needs, especially if you're feeling a little competitive If you're in need of a dorm room workout for those days when you simply want to lounge in your sweats and study! Do you have a roommate who enjoys exercising as much as you do? Then get ready for a great dorm room workout where you and your roommate will be dueling.

For this workout, the only thing you will need is a towel or sheet depending on the length needed to complete the exercises. To play it safe, have both on hand so you can easily transition to one or the other based on your needs. Also, make sure the area around you is free from things that could injure you or cause you to fall/trip.


Do You Dare_  Dueling Partner Dorm Room Workout

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