Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Chickpeas

Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Chickpeas

Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Chickpeas are the perfect sweet snack as your mid-day treat

Ask tons of people what their biggest challenge is when trying to stick to a meal plan, and many of them will tell you: a rampant struggle to avoid carbs and sugar. And really, that’s no surprise—Carbs and sugar, as delicious as they can be, have been the downfall of balanced meal plans since their very beginnings!

But, at MPOF, we want you to know that we get it. Sugar and carb cravings can be really tough to beat. So that’s why we have a meal prep recipe for you today that is sure to nip those cravings in the bud, and fill you up with essential nutrients: Air fryer cinnamon sugar chickpeas! This meal prep recipe isn’t just a sweet treat though, because it even pairs with a side of mixed jerky, almonds, and cheddar cheese cubes. This means that even if it tastes like it should be unhealthy, it actually provides excellent fiber, healthy fat, and a whopping 20g of protein per serving, all on the go! Oh yeah, and did we mention how great of an option this is for gluten-free meal planning?!

Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Chickpeas

These crispy air-fried cinnamon-sugar chickpeas are made with minimal oil and ready to eat in under 30 minutes. Once cooked they are paired with cheese, jerky and raw almonds to create a salty-sweet snack box curbs that satisfies! 

How long will Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Chickpeas last for?

When we stored these delectable snack boxes in the fridge, we found they lasted around 1 week! However, the chickpeas may lose some of their crunch in that time, so if that happens, we suggest putting them back in the air fryer for just a couple of minutes to restore their crispness.

Can Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Chickpeas be frozen?

Yes they can! We found them to last about 1 month in the freezer.

Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Chickpeas

Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Chickpeas Ingredients:

For Chickpeas  

  • 2 cups chickpeas, drained 
  • Spray oil  
  • tablespoon coconut sugar 
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon  

For Serving  

  • 2 oz. cheddar cheese, cubed 
  • ¼ cup raw almonds 
  • 3 oz. jerky, sliced into bite sized pieces  

Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Chickpeas

How do you make Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Chickpeas?

One of the best things about this meal prep recipe is how simply and quickly it can be made! Start by heating your air fryer to 380ºF and adding the drained chickpeas to the basket. Set a timer for 15 minutes, close the air fryer, and then fry chickpeas for 5 minutes. Once 5 minutes has passed, shake the basket, spray chickpeas evenly with cooking spray, then fry for an additional 10 minutes. Ensure that you shake the basket every 5 minutes or so, for even cooking. Now it’s time to sweeten this deal, so stir together the cinnamon and coconut sugar,  sprinkling half over chickpeas. Air fry for 2 minutes longer. While chickpeas are still hot, transfer to a bowl and stir in remaining seasoning to coat! Your cooking process is now over, so now all that’s left to do is to divide the chickpeas between four dual-compartment containers (like the ones seen here). Just add cheese cubes, jerky and almonds to the other four, smaller compartments, and you’re all set!

Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Chickpeas

Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Chickpeas

How to portion Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Chickpeas?

We strongly preferred portioning this meal prep recipe into dual-compartment containers. If you’re not quite sure which containers best suit your needs, check out our Ultimate Guide to Meal Prep Containers!

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Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Chickpeas

Other tips for making Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Chickpeas:

  • If your chickpeas get a bit soft after refrigeration, throw them back in the air fryer for a couple of minutes to restore their original crunch.

  • Never use aerosol sprays to grease your air fryer! Aerosol cans contain harsh ingredients that have been known to chip the basket.

  • For extra crispy chickpeas, add a bit more oil halfway through the frying process.

Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Chickpeas


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