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Steak and Veggie Meal Prep

Steak and veggie Meal Prep ON FLEEK .. I was going go to with curry again this week because last weeks meal was so damn good but I went with steak and veggies this week. I didn’t dip everything in garlic butter this time to ease up on the calories. This weeks meals is enough for two portions to split throughout the day if you’re keeping calories low or just wanting to spread out the food since eating the whole tray in one sitting will be a bit too much. Trust me, I’m notorious for eating excessive amounts of food and this combination of food will keep you full for awhile. Next week I’ll probably do a thai curry or something. #PokemonGo is still eating up most of my free time. I just can’t stop! Thanks for all your support!! I’ll be coming back to reality soon…I think.

Total Time to Prepare, Cook and Pack Food: ~2.5 Hours

What it is?
•Steamed Brocolli seasoned with Salt Pepper Garlic
•Steamed Carrots (they’re underneath the peppers)
•Baked Sweet Potato mashed with cinnamon, coconut oil and a little bit of agave syrup
•Grilled Peppers
•Grilled Steak brushed with garlic butter

Grocery List:
•2.5kg Sirloin Steak Meat
•2 Bags of Brocolli (907g x 2)
•750g Carrots
•2.75kg Sweet Potato
•3 Peppers (Yellow, Orange, Red)
•Coconut Oil
•Salted Butter
•Salt and Pepper
•Sriracha Salt
•Agave Syrup

Split into 10 servings.

I buy all the food from Costco except for the seasoning. I get all the seasoning from whole foods and on Amazon. Some of our favorite seasonings are Primal Palate, Caribeque, and TeenyTiny Spice.

Where do you like to grocery shop? Tell us in the comments below.

If you have any questions about Portion Control, click here

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