hot dog meal prep inspo

If You Have Never Thought To Make A Hotdog Meal Prep You Are missing Out!

Hotdog Meal Prep - A simple way to go!

hot dog meal prep inspo

Sometimes the easiest and most cost effective meal prep ideas fly right by us! Here is a Whole30 compliant Hotdog Meal Prep that costs just dollars to make!

Serves: 4


1 package Applegate organic beef hotdogs ($6.00)

1 pound sweet potatoes ($4.00)

1 lb brussels sprouts ($3.00)

ghee, as needed


Toss brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes with ghee

Roast in oven at 425 until cooked

Evenly divide between 4 containers

Add 2 hotdogs (frozen*) to each container

Seal tightly

Enjoy within 4 days

*The hotdogs will thaw while in the refrigerator. When you reheat your meal prep they will cook.


Total Prep Cost: $13.00

Cost Per Meal: $3.25

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